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You are listening to " You Were Right" track 2  and track 12 (guitar solo version) from this CD. Featuring Doug Moffet on saxophone: Tim Haines on drums: Gary McGuire on electric guitar (solo on track 12): Alan Powell on acoustic guitar: Gary Godbey on bass: Eddy Joyner on piano: Ava Joyner on vocals

You Can't Get There From Here

You Can't Get There From Here CD
featuring Eddy & Ava Joyner
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This CD is all original Love and Life songs. Released in 1998 with performances from many of our favorite musicians.  Titles are:

1. You Can't Get There From Here

2. You Were Right

3. Lost

4. 1000 Tears

5. Hooked On A Thrill

6. Lies

7. Spinnin'

8. Certain Joy

9. Prizms

10. (Fingers) What Am I Supposed To Do Now?

All songs written by Ava Maria Joyner, arranged by Eddy Joyner

*track 1 music is co-written by Eddy & Ava Joyner and Gary Godbey
Lyrics by Ava Maria Joyner

Performances by:

Ava Maria Joyner ~ lead and backing vocals
Eddy Joyner ~ piano, strings, organ and electric piano
Gary Godbey ~ bass and backing vocals
Alan Powell ~ acoustic and electric guitars
Gary McGuire ~ electric guitar
Steve Emahiser ~ drums
Tim Haines ~ drums
Ari Orlinsky ~ hand drums and percussion
Jamie Nichol ~ hand drums and percussion
Doug Moffet ~ saxophones and flute
Ilene Spain ~ cello